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Tico Times and Telephone Books

March 28, 2009

Titi Conservation Alliance is mentioned in the latest edition (Friday, March 27) of Tico Times “Community Connection” Page…Be sure to pick up your copy today!

Also mentioned is Hotel Mono Azul’s abundance of telephone books.  It was reported that the hotel “just received 36 phone books from the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), even though it doesn’t have phones in its rooms.  ICE can’t take them back.  That’s thousands of pieces of paper that will go to waste if someone can’t be found who needs them.  If you need phone books, please stop by the hotel’s reception desk and pick them up.”

It’s important that we help our neighbor find homes for these phone books…Please contact Jennifer Rice at Hotel Mono Azul for more information –


USC Volunteers Lend a Helping Hand

March 27, 2009
Twenty-three University of Southern California volunteers spent 3 days helping us create a new Titi Conservation Alliance tree nursery on the property of Roberta Felix.
Spending a total of 8 days in Costa Rica, the group also worked with the Quepos-based Community Tourism project, Quebrada Arroyo.
It was a great experience to help this group of students learn about conservation efforts in our community, and to have their significant help in the Titi Conservation Alliance Nursery.
We want to give a big “Thank You” to Milo Bekins who helped arrange this volunteer outing; and to USC Volunteer Latin America coordinators who also made a nice monetary donation to our efforts

A Great Honor for Isaias

March 23, 2009

I am very excited to share with you an honor for our Environmental Educator, Isaias Orias, from his former student, Janine Licare.

As a freshman this year at Stanford University, Janine participated in the Teacher Tribute Initiative, a program honoring persons in students’ lives who have been especially outstanding in helping them prepare for their college careers. Out of all the influential people in her life, Janine chose to honor Isaias.

In her essay, Janine described Isaias as “compassionate, knowledgeable, and kindhearted.”

She also had this to say about the impact of his teachings:

Don Isaias is more than just a teacher, he is a friend. My high school experience would not have been the same without him. He didn’t just teach us material, he taught us to think as individuals and learn from experience rather than textbooks. His classes were about quality rather than quantity. He is fun-loving, a joy to be around and a selfless soul, always caring more about his students than himself. I hope he is a part of my life for the rest of my life. I am ever thankful.

After spending time in the community with Isaias and observing his relationship with countless numbers of local youth, I am positive that they all share similar sentiments for his impact as an educator.


We are honored to celebrate this tribute to Isaias, and to have the good fortune of having him as the Titi Conservation Alliance Environmental Educator for eight local primary schools.

*Janine Licare is the co-founder of Kids Saving the Rainforest ( in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.*

Did You Know?

March 18, 2009

Mono titis do not have opposable thumbs on their hands….

Instead, they have well-developed feet, complete with useful opposable toes!

lindsay-saripkin_mono-titiPhoto courtesy of Lindsay Saripkin

Link to the titis

March 9, 2009

For an informative, quick-glimpse reference page on various squirrel monkey species, check out this Primate Info Net created by the University of Wisconsin:

New Members Show Their Love for Monkeys

March 2, 2009

Howard and Leah Cloud, owners of Casa Las Nubes in Tulemar Gardens here in Manuel Antonio, recently signed on as individual members of Titi Conservation Alliance.

With ample energy and passion for the environment, the Clouds are an exciting new addition to the Titi Conservation Alliance family.  Not only do they possess the desire to aid in our efforts for conservation of their new Costa Rican neighborhood; they also possess the gumption to learn and take steps on their own to improve the area.

Case in point – they recently constructed a new monkey bridge on their property to help monkeys travel from tree to tree.  After finishing the construction of their fabulous home ( – available for rent; you definitely want to check it out), they noticed an area in their gardens where both capuchins and titis were struggling to travel from one tree to the next.

So with the consultation of their neighbor and fellow Titi Conservation Alliance member, Dave Houck of Casa de Frutas, they put up their first blue monkey bridge!  Now, capuchins and titis alike can travel with more ease and less ground danger.

If the monkeys could talk they would certainly be saying….”Thank you, Howard and Leah Cloud!”

Be sure to check out the Cloud’s sustainable home – – a great example of smart building practices, and it’s available as a rental property!