Help Our Organic Tree Nursery – Reuse “Tetra Brik” Cartons

The problem of solid waste at the company level and at work is complicated. One of the most feasible options is to recycle or reuse waste in other roles.

Commonly used Tetra Brik cartons (which your milk and/or juice probably comes in) pollute the environment significantly. One of the biggest problems with these cartons is that they are difficult to recycle because they are made of a combination of alloy paper, plastic and aluminum. When things are made of numerous properties, those properties are difficult to separate, and therefore to recycle. Therefore, since you cannot recycle these cartons properly, we would like to give you another option to help keep them out of our landfills and waste. At the Titi Conservation Alliance, we have found a very good use for these cartons as “planters” within our Organic Tree Nurseries.

In years passed, we used plastic bags for planting seedlings; but we will now use the Tetra Brik packaging to produce 3000 trees in the nurseries this year. But we need your help, and your reusable Tetra Brik cartons!

tetra brik containers in nursery

How To Do It:

1 – When consuming products that come packaged in Tetra Brik containers, the first step is to wash the container to remove waste products (milk or juice), to keep offensive odors at bay.

2 – Cut the top of the container, to pack it well and help it to remain clean and dry:

Tetra Brik standing

3 – Or, you may crush the container to reduce space:

Tetra Brik crushed

4 – Save packages together in one place.  When you have a significant amount to be picked up, give us a call and we will come gather them.

Thank you for your help!


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