Visiting Escuela Naranjito

4th-graders at Escuela Naranjito

Students in the 4th and 5th grades at Naranjito School perhaps know more about titi monkeys than most adults.  And after last week, their knowledge of Endangered Species and Global Warming became quite impressive too.

Our Environmental Educator, Isaias Orias, spends one day each week with these students, focusing on topics ranging from local ecology to maritime conservation, environmental laws, and more.  The other days are spent with students from La Immaculada, Villa Nueva, and Londres.

While visiting Naranjito with Isaias last week, my heart was warmed by the eagerness and enthusiasm of the students.  It is obvious that having Isaias come to their classroom each week is something they not only look forward to, but have come to truly appreciate.  As soon as we walk in the door, “Don Isaias! Don Isaias!” is heard overwhelmingly; followed by stories and questions about last week’s lessons.

Excited 5th-graders at Naranjito

Isaias will begin working with students from Paquita, Republica de Corea, Manuel Antonio, and Maria Luisa de Castro over the next two trimesters.  In total, we will be reaching over 700 students this year alone with in-school lessons and workshops!  It’s refreshing to see that our environmental future is in good hands.


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