Creative Promotions

Have you ever found yourself reading this Blog and wondering, “How can I help generate further funding for Titi Conservation Alliance projects, and inform my clients of my support for conservation, all without having to take more money out of my own pocket?”

Well wonder no more!  As Member business, Cafe Milagro, recently discovered, it’s all about creativity.

During this past month of April, Cafe Milagro implemented a fun on-line promotion benefiting Titi Conservation Alliance.  The idea was simple – Donate $1 of each bag of coffee ordered online to the Alliance.  With the use of simple, clever graphics within their email marketing campaign, Cafe Milagro was able to generate great support for our efforts with little hassle or strain.

Cafe Milagro email promotion

By setting up programs like this one, Member businesses are able to generate further financial support on our behalf, while also displaying to their customers their personal responsible business practices and support of local conservation efforts.

If you have an idea for a similar program, or would like help in getting started with one, we are here and happy to help!  It can be such an easy process, with so much to gain….Why not try?!

Please contact us at any time:

Together, we can accomplish so much!


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