Reforestation with Iguana Tours

Iguana Tours Logo

Titi Conservation Alliance Member Iguana Tours recently organized a fantastic adventure and education trip for San Jose-based tourism companies.

The trip involved a fun, fast-paced look into the four core tours that Iguana offers.  By rotating groups of participants to the various locations of these tours, Iguana provided an exciting, hands-on insight into the tours that they offer.

As a part of this trip, Iguana Tours included a stop along the way to our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.  Here, participants planted trees in the Corridor, learned about the various species being planted, and received an insiders’ look into the work of Titi Conservation Alliance, and of the support we receive from Iguana Tours.

Iguana Tours Reforestation

“This activity turned out to be one of the main highlights of the trip,” commented Randall Cruz of Iguana Tours, organizer of this event.  “Having participants observe the work of the Alliance, get their hands dirty, and have fun learning about the local fauna, really added a lot to their overall experience of the area. I was amazed by Juan Pablo’s knowledge and learned a lot myself!”

Iguana Tours hopes to continue programs such as this, educating tourism companies not only about our Aguirre County, but also of the importance of the conservation work being done here.

Thank you, Iguana Tours, for making Titi Conservation Alliance such an important part of this program!


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