Reforestation Field-Trips

Last Friday, Titi Conservation Alliance and 105 students from three local schools – Manuel Antonio, La Immaculada, and Naranjito – planted trees in our Naranjo River Biological Corridor.

June 19 Reforestation Field Trip

In the early-morning sunshine, the students planted over 600 trees!

These field-trips are enhanced by the students’ participation with our in-school nurseries and classroom lessons.  We have helped each of the eight schools that we currently work with create tree nurseries on their school grounds.  The students are therefore able to plant the small seedlings of trees that they will later plant within the biological corridor on trips like that which was held last week.

By purchasing the trees from the schools after one year of rearing by the students, we at Titi Conservation Alliance are able to further contribute to additional educational resources needed by each local school.

It is our hope and purpose that by physically going out into the corridor and getting their hands dirty, the students are left with an even more valuable and memorable experience and appreciation for conservation.


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