Margay Spotted!

A spectacular sighting occurred recently on Punta Quepos, an equally biodiverse, impressive, and important area of land to the national park here in Manuel Antonio.

On June 25, two visitors staying at Hotel Parador made the amazing discovery – a Margay (Leopardus wiedii) bounding across the trails!

Margay on Punta Quepos

The Margay is often compared to an Ocelot in its appearance, though it is a bit smaller in stature and more commonly tree-dwelling.  This discovery of the rare feline is evidence of the great importance to conserve the biodiversity of Punta Quepos.

If Margays are here, it is an indication that there are many more species in the area.   The Margay is classified as Near Threatened with a trend towards decling populations on the IUCN Red List, and a sighting of this sort in a ‘touristic’ community such as ours is critically important.


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