Introducing – Common Cents!

Common Cents Logo

Mirrored after the wonderful “We Share” Program started by Hotel Parador, Common Cents brings a fantastic new opportunity to hotels for giving back to the community.

What is it?

Common Cents provides an opportunity to contribute more support for local organizations like Titi Conservation Alliance, while also educating and informing customers of your responsible business practices.

It is a program set up so that you act as the conduit for the donation, without costing you a penny.

How does it work?

  • Hotels automatically add $1 (or any amount of their choice) for each nights’ stay to customers’ final bill, explaining that the addition is being donated to the Titi Conservation Alliance.
  • By placing information cards in each guest room, (which we gladly provide), hotels quickly and easily explain what Titi Conservation Alliance does, and why their business supports the cause.
  • If a customer does not want to have the addition added to their bill, it is easily removed at their request.

For hotel owners, how you can implement a similar program:

There are three basic elements to implementation:

1)      Marketing within your hotel

2)      Training your employees

3)      Back-office programming

Titi Conservation Alliance will provide hotel owners with everything needed to carry out each of these steps.

This is a program that can be easily started, communicated with customers, and hugely beneficial to hotels, as well as the community as a whole.

Spread the word and help support local organizations…Contact us today to discuss implementing the Common Cents program in your hotel.

(506) 2777-2306; or email at

We can all benefit from a little extra Common Cents!


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