Breeding Season Begins!

From early August through early October, you may notice some larger-than-usual titi monkeys bounding about.

Why this change in size, you may wonder?

Male titis gain weight during mating season in order to impress the ladies of of the troop.  This process is called “fatting” – The larger the male, the more likely he will be chosen by a female.

fatting male titis

Photo courtesy of Krembo1 –

With a polygamous mating system, the larger males of a troop will usually monopolize the majority of copulations during this season.  However, younger, less experienced females will often mate with the smaller males of the troop as well.

After mating season is complete, gestation lasts for roughly 145 days, making birthing season occur from February to early April.  This is the dry season, and the time of the most arthropod abundance; perfect for feeding new hungry mouths.

Titi monkeys share breeding and birthing synchrony in an effort to fight predation.  All pregnant females within a troop will give birth within two weeks of one another.

What smart, intriguing mammals!

To learn more about the titi monkeys of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and efforts in place to help protect them, please visit our website at; or contact us at


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