Native Garden Workshop This Month!

Titi Conservation Alliance Member, Arenas Del Mar, is hosting a wonderful workshop on native gardening in Costa Rica.

Scheduled for the 24th and 25th of this month, this workshop promises to be both informative and fun; providing great information on planting practices, nursery care, and personal gardening tips.

CRflowerNative Gardens Workshop

Location: Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort, Manuel Antonio, CR

Date: September 24-25, 2009 (Max. capacity 15 people)

The purpose of this workshop is to offer training on natural landscaping; the importance and
usefulness of native plants used as ornamentals; and to teach participants proper
collection and practices for establishing their own nursery.

Cost: 15,000 colones (includes refreshments and lunch)

Exhibitors: Biologist Willow Zuchowski (Author of the book ‘Tropical Plants of Costa Rica’),
Karen Arras (Landscape), Maria Elena Chinchilla (Landscape)
Catherine Bainbridge and Reinaldo Aguilar (Botanicos, Los Charcos de Osa)


Day 1: 9 am – 3 pm
• Introduction of Pronativas:  Mission; Experience in Monteverde; Pronativos Growth Network; Why
Native Plants: ecological and economic reasons
• Design a garden with native plants
10:45 am Break
• Walk to see the gardens of Arenas del Mar
• Ornamental potential of native plants;  Native gardens of the Osa Peninsula
Lunch 12:30
• Invasive exotic plants species (non-native) in Costa Rica
• The ethics of collecting and propagating plants
• Preparing the nursery
Homework: bring examples of plants near your home
that are wild and can help start your garden

Day 2 8 am – 1 pm
• Walking through property of Arenas del Mar for collecting plant species
• 10:30 am Break
• Practical Propagation / Planting plants
Lunch 12:30
• Conclusion: Questions and Comments

Please contact Kalinga Rodriguez, Arenas Del Mar Sustainability Director, to reserve your space:

2777-2777 or


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