Making a Difference

Titi Conservation Alliance was honored to help Member business, Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort, with a recent donation program for local Paquita School.

When Arenas Del Mar came to the Alliance for advice in finding a school “in need”; we were quick to send reference to the small school just outside of Quepos.

Our environmental educator, Isaias Orias, has been working with students in the 4th and 5th grades at Paquita.  After spending time with weekly lessons at the school, Isaias has not only been moved by the big hearts of the students and teachers, but has also seen their dire needs for simple, day-to-day materials.

Subsequently, Arenas Del Mar set out to make their donations count.

As a part of a new program set up at the Resort, clients are asked at the end of each visit if they would like to make a donation to the causes which Arenas Del Mar personally supports – Titi Conservation Alliance and Kids Saving the Rainforest.

They have had a wonderful response from their visitors, and were therefore able to use those donations to help provide a substantial list of greatly needed materials for Paquita School.

The following materials were donated, reaching a total contribution of over 1 million colones worth of supplies for the students and teachers of Paquita:

  • Letter size printer paper
  • Graphite pencils
  • Large colored pencils
  • Construction Paper
  • Print cartridges (black and colored)
  • Plastic rulers
  • Clay
  • Small Scissors
  • Childrens’ Books
  • Sketchbooks
  • Rubber Glue
  • Glue sticks
  • Basic Spanish Dictionaries
  • Flourescent Markers
  • Permanent Markers
  • Acrylic Slate Markers
  • Acrylic Classroom Boards

Arenas Del Mar was certain to contribute enough of each material for every child at Paquita (a total of 220 students), as well as operational supplies for the teachers and school itself.

Take a minute to scroll through the photos above that were taken at the donation activity at Paquita…You’ll see some happy faces, some hard-working employees, and a lot of positive growth!

We were honored to join Arenas Del Mar for this donation activity at Paquita, where they displayed their true dedication to making positive community impacts.


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