Peeps, Twitters, Chucks, and Cackles

Did you know? Or better yet…Did you hear?

Titi (Squirrel) Monkeys have a language of their very own, with at least 25-30 different calls used for communication!

These calls are divided into six different descriptive groups:

  1. Peeps
  2. Twitters
  3. Chucks
  4. Cackles
  5. Pulsed calls
  6. Noisy calls

Each call is used to communicate something different – from greetings and feedings, to frustration and play.

Click HERE for in-depth information on the meaning of each call.

And the next time you see the titis coming through the trees…Listen closely…Which call do you hear?

It could tell you a lot about what those cute little titis are up to…

titi groupPhoto courtesy of Krespo 1


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