Simply Awesome Students

It’s not always easy to convince university students to wake up early on a Saturday morning…perhaps especially when physical labor is involved.

But Titi Conservation Alliance didn’t have to do a thing to convince these amazing students from North Central College to do just that.

North Central College Reforestation

This past Saturday, the students volunteered to devote their time (and energy and a whole lot of sweat) to an early morning of planting trees along our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.  In the intense heat, and on difficult, hilly terrain; the students planted over 200 trees!

And personally, I think the story behind their decision to help with this activity is well worth sharing…

After presenting a class to the students on “Eco-Tourism in Costa Rica” two weeks ago, and telling them a bit about the work that we do at Titi Conservation Alliance, all 17 students unanimously decided that they wanted to help.  So, in addition to dedicating a Saturday to helping us plant trees; they also specifically asked their professor if we could return for one more class presentation.

Why were they so eager?  Well, for one, they are simply just that cool.  They have big hearts, and feel a call to action after learning about the community in which they are now living.  They want to do more than just visit; they want to make a difference.

So when they learned that all of their donations from these activities with Titi Conservation Alliance would be devoted 100% to the environmental education program of Titi Conservation Alliance (something that we are able to guarantee because of our Membership donations); the students told their professor they wanted to be involved – they wanted their money to go towards a good cause.

This warmed my heart to hear, and made me so proud to know these wonderfully caring and active students from the United States.  I am happy our paths have crossed, that we have had the opportunity to share a bit of our work with them, and that they felt so moved to help.

Thank you for your awesome support, North Central College!!


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