Expert Planter in the Works

Having started our Environmental Education Program in 2004, we have had the good fortune of being able to reach many local students through our classroom lessons, in-school organic tree nurseries, reforestation trips, and environmental field-trips.

In these past five years, we have met many amazing students.  And there is one in particular who sticks out among the crowd – 12-year-old Andres from the town of Naranjito. 

Through his good luck, (as well as particular interest and some good negotiating skills,) Andres has been able to join us for four out of five years of reforestation trips.

Andres learns for the first time about the trees to be planted along the corridor In 2004, Andres joined us for the first-ever student planting trip along our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.  He was in second grade at the time, and Juan Pablo remembers him being full of wonder, awe, and great interest for the planting tasks at hand.




Since then, Andres has been able to join the Alliance on three consecutive yearly planting trips.  He has been able to see the amazing progress achieved in those few years; and has watched how his first saplings have grown to form newly forested areas.

       Andres in 3rd gradeAndres in 4th grade








Andres is a fabulous example of the affect that these activities can have on young students. 

Last year, as a sixth-grader, Andres’s class was not scheduled to plant trees.  The younger students would be travelling to the corridor that year.  But when Andres learned of this, he begged his Principle to let him go.  He said it was the most important thing he did each year; and pursued to tell his Principle all the lessons he had learned from the activity.  Impressed by both his knowledge and his passion for the trees and plantings, the principle made an exception and allowed one sixth-grader to accompany the younger students to the corridor.

Andres in 6th Grade

It was a happy day for Andres; and we were so glad to have his expert help!


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