Parador Pride in Planting

After a day of non-stop rain here in Aguirre County; last Friday started with clear blue skies, happy greenery, and bustling animals. 

Here at Titi Conservation Alliance, this made us wake with a smile, as we knew it would be an important day for our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.

One of our Member businesses, Hotel Parador, had planned a special Day of Reforestation for their employees that day, and tree planting conditions could not have been better.

Meeting at 7:30am, a group of 23 Parador employees and 10 additional family members, gathered to board the bus and head out to the community of Villa Nueva for a morning of planting.

What brought about this special trip?

The dedicated Managers of Hotel Parador recognized the importance of exposing their employees to the important work that we do, and that the hotel supports.  Day after day, hotel employees are faced with the task of telling guests about Titi Conservation Alliance, and why Hotel Parador feels moved to help support our projects.

Now, after a day of learning about the Biological Corridor, and having hands-on exposure to the work that we do, Parador employees can take that new knowledge back with them to share with their guests.

Hotel Parador Reforestation Day Participants

The 33 participants planted 318 trees in just one and a half hours!  With family members in tow, they were able to share this experience, laugh, and enjoy the important work that they accomplished.

It is so important that our Members not only hear about our projects, but that they feel moved to become more actively involved with them as well.  Thank you, Hotel Parador, for your amazing support and involvement!

We also want to send a special Thank You to Iguana Tours for once again providing transportation for this wonderful day.  And additionally, for coming out and planting trees yourselves!


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