Researching Monkey Bridges

Titi Conservation Alliance and Kids Saving the Rainforest Partner to Sponsor a Student Researcher

Titi crossing a monkey bridge

Titi Conservation Alliance recently welcomed the arrival of José Andrés León Pérez, a 22-year-old student from the Technical University, ECAG.  As a part of his studies, Andres was assigned the responsibility of pursuing a research project within the parameters of his hometown.

Having participated with Titi Conservation Alliance in a Reforestation field-trip while growing up in Quepos, and with a particular interest in monkey bridges as an employee of ICE; Andres turned to the Alliance for guidance.  We were honored and excited to have his interest, and subsequently worked to develop a two-month research project on monkey bridges and generator protectors for Aguirre County.  

The goal is to create a proposal for ICE (The Costa Rican Institute for Electricity) to use, identifying key areas in need of bridges to help reduce the number of electrocutions of wildlife, including mono titis.  We are now partnering with Kids Saving the Rainforest to sponsor Andres’ research for school, and implementation proposal to ICE.


Welcome to the Titi Team, Andres!


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