Monkey Fun at Casa Mono Titi

Titi Conservation Alliance Member, It’s My Casa, has two amazing rental properties in the heart of Manuel Antonio – Casa Mono Congo and Casa Mono Titi.

Perfectly named for their location and subsequent frequent visitors and neighbors; both homes are preferred not only by tourists looking for a sustainable retreat, but also by the impressive mono congos (howler monkeys) and adorable mono titis (squirrel monkeys).

It’s My Casa owners were immensely careful in their designs of the homes to create sustainable, unobtrusive locations.  They managed to remove only 2 small shrub trees to build Casa Mono Congo, and built around all other trees and plants.  Then, they provided giant, unique floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the fresh rainforest air; and outdoor balconies and outlets for every bedroom in the house.  By producing both solar and wind power for Casa Mono Congo, It’s My Casa uses excess energy for use in the grid with Casa Mono Titi, thereby working further to make a minimum environmental impact on their surroundings.

In addition, when they first purchased Casa Mono Titi, the forest surrounding the house had been devastatingly cleared.  Immediately, It’s My Casa owners worked to re-plant the area, which now abounds with thriving trees and understory.

The monkeys who first called this area their home would agree — all this hard work to ensure sustainability has paid off…

Titi monkeys love to come play on the porch of their namesake.  This video speaks volumes of their contagiously happy playfulness, and of the importance of helping them keep their forested homes:

Click HERE to watch the video

It’s My Casa owners also dedicate their time and resources to their Costa Rican community by sponsoring five University students, teaching English (for free!) to 1st- through 12th-grade students, and by sponsoring the creation of a local computer lab for the community of Puriscal.

It’s My Casa epitomizes the idea of promoting “sustainable” living by contributing to the environmental, social, and economic betterment of their community; and we are endlessly honored to have their support with Titi Conservation Alliance!


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