Turtle Festival This Weekend

Our neighbor to the South in Portalon, Portasol Rainforest & Oceanview Community, is hosting a fantastic sea turtle event this weekend in Matapalo:
We invite you to attend an unforgettable moment for young and old, to witness the release of baby sea turtles.
An event complete with typical Costa Rican foods, drinks, classes, soccer games, surf tournament, karaoke, live music, cultural events, fishing contests, sand sculpture and boxing; the fun will be limitless. 
In addition, you’ll witness the great advances to the waterfront connecting Quepos to Dominical. 
Details on the Sea Turtles: 
The sea turtles measure up to 1.53 meters, with a single pair of pre-frontal scales and four pairs of pleural plaques.  They migrate through open seas, but feeds in shallow waters with submerged vegetation. 
Sea turtles nest in large groups and lay between 100 and 150 eggs at one time.  Incubation takes between 30 and 90 days, but usually is between 45 and 60 days.
Those of us at Titi Conservation Alliance hope you can join us in supporting this beautiful cause, and fabulously fun event!

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