Giving Titi Thanks

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, it seems natural to begin thinking about those things for which we are most appreciative.

At Titi Conservation Alliance, we are thankful to live in one of the only places on Earth where one can watch the playful titi (squirrel) monkeys bounding through the trees.  What an amazing treat! 

We are also endlessly thankful that this community of Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, in which the titis call home, is also home to many caring citizens and businesses.  We give our thanks right now to our fantastic Member businesses that support us each and every month.

With their support, we are able to pay for 100% of our administrative costs.  This means that all other outside donations are directly funding our project areas in environmental education, habitat reforestation, and sustainable development.  This is something that is immensely important to us, as it assures that we are continually staying true to our Mission and purpose – to save the endangered titi monkey by promoting sustainable development and conserving the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Region.

 And this brings us back to our original reason for “Thanks” this holiday season – the adorable titi monkeys.

As the smallest and most playful primate in Costa Rica; it would be hard not to love these amazing creatures.  And with that love comes much respect; for they are limited in their habitat range, and yet have managed to maintain a small number of survivors (roughly 2,500), despite threats from severe habitat loss and fragmentation. 

It is our mission not only to help them maintain their small numbers, but to help them increase those numbers and remove them from the dangerous list of endangered species.  How lucky we are that we are in a position to help! 

And remember, you too can help at any time…Simply visit our website to make a tax-deductable donation; or contact us via phone or email – (506) 2777-2306;


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