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More bridges and other recommendations

December 22, 2009

Electrocution is one of most common causes of death of mono titis in the Manuel Antonio area.

This serious problem was the reason the Titi Conservation Alliance was trying for quite some time to organize a meeting with ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), to discuss the way to cooperate in the protection of mono titis, as well as in the implementation of our projects, especially the reforestation of the biological corridor. Finally, on 17 December, the meeting was held in the ICE meeting room in Quepos, in the presence of 16 ICE experts from all over the country, three representatives from the Kids Saving the Rainforests and other interested parties.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the report by José Andrés León from the Universidad Técnica Nacional, on the location of bridges for the wildlife, one of the most popular ways to protect mono titis and other animals from electrocution. Unfortunately, Andres could not present his report himself, so our forestry engineer Juan Pablo Aguero informed the audience of the Report’s conclusions and recommendations. The full text can be read here: Conclusiones y recomendaciones.

Titi Conservation Alliance and Kids Saving the Rainforest introduced the organizations and ongoing projects to the audience, expressing hope that this meeting would result in a positive improvement in the safety of mono titis in our region.

ICE’s Jaime Bolanos and Gilbert Porras explained the equipment that is needed in order to insulate electrical wires and instruments and make them safe for the wildlife. They also expressed great interest in working with local environmental organization in establishing a system to prevent animals’ injuries to the extent possible. They asked for the support of the organizations in conducting a country-wide study on the mitigation of animal injuries by the electrical equipment. They also requested support in promoting the use of underground electrical cables where it is viable.

The meeting ended with the agreement to meet again at the beginning of January in order to establish more concrete plan of action. The next meeting should involve the representatives from the Municipality, MINAE, ICT and other relevant bodies. Titi Conservation Alliance will organize the meeting.



December 16, 2009

One of the last activities in this school year’s environmental education program was part of the ongoing campaign of the Titi Conservation Alliance to sensitize students, and through them their parents, to the need to think about solid waste as something that has important impact on our lives and a problem that we can do something about. On Tuesday, 15 December, our Environmental Educator Isaias Orias Medina gathered a group of students (and few curious parents) from the Escuela Paquita in Paquita, to show them one of many ways to reuse what would normally end up as waste: milk and juice tetra-brick containers. Isaias taught all of us how to turn these ordinary objects into nice and useful coin purses.

We had guests during this activity: two young film makers, Peter Jordan and Charlene Music, who are working on the documentary for the Center for Responsible Travel about the impacts of coastal resort tourism on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.  Kids enjoyed both the attention of the camera crew and their new purses.

During the school break we will work hard on preparing new materials and presentations for the next school year.  If you have ideas and topics you would like to share with us, please contact us at or We would love to hear from you.


December 13, 2009

We always say how the job well done is the reward in itself, but it is still nice to be recognized. At their annual ceremony,  Iguana Tours showed their appreciation to those businesses and organizations that supported them most, in other words, their biggest fans. Titi Conservation Alliance was one of them and Juan Pablo Aguero received the plaque on our behalf:

The plaque says:  “A Titi Conservation Alliance Reconocimiento a tan distinguida empresa por promover y representar nuestro destino de Iguana Tours.”

Students and teachers visit Fincas Naturales

December 11, 2009

Group of 24 children and several teachers and parents from the Maria Luisa de Castro School from Boca Vieja came on 10 December 2009 to visit Fincas Naturales, a 30 acre wildlife refugee which forms part of the Si Como No Resort and Spa, a member and one of the founding fathers of the Titi Conservation Alliance.

Kids spent several delightful hours exploring this small but spectacular jungle full of surprises: from the mariposarium, where huge morph butterflies land on one’s head, to 6 feet long crocodiles basking in the sun. Young explorers had many questions for the knowledgeable and patient guides: how the butterflies see, how long they spend in the larval stage, which crocodile is female and which is male. One parent commented that they learned more in several hours of hands-on learning than from days in the classroom.

The visit was organized by Isaías Orias Medina, Titi Conservation Association’s environmental educator, as part of the organization’s hands-on environmental education program. We are very grateful to the Si Como No Resort and Spa for their kind welcome and the assistance of their wonderful guides, and to the  Iguana Tours for providing transport for this activity.

Workshop on mangroves for the Iguana Tours team

December 11, 2009

It was my kind of ‘day in the office’ – Juan Pablo Aguero, our forestry engineer, offered a workshop on mangroves ecosystem to the group of 10 guides and staff members of Iguana Tours. Interesting material that Juan Pablo prepared was accompanied by lively discussion and banter while comparing different mangrove leaves, branches, flowers and fruits that were brought for that purpose. The goal of the workshop was to learn to identify various species of mangroves, but also to talk about the extremely important role mangroves play in the life of our coastal area: as breeding ground for many fishes and amphibians, as filter for the soil brought to the sea by rivers, as buffer against hurricanes, as habitat for many species of animals, and, of course, as one of many natural treasures that attract tourists to our area.

This exercise was just one of many examples of wonderful cooperation Titi Conservation Alliance has with the Iguana Tours. I am sure the next year will bring many more opportunities for mutually beneficial activities.

First Aguirre Environmental Meeting

December 6, 2009

On December 1 Titi Conservation Alliance participated in the First Aguirre Environmental Meeting organized by the Aquirre Municipality’s Environmental Technical Unit.

With the assistance of many businesses, including our members, local environmental organizations and the Municipality, students of local schools and colleges took part in the march from Boca Vieja to the Nahomi Point. At this magnificent location the students presented plays, dances and dramatizations celebrating our fragile environment and precious resources. County officials and professors, among them our own Isaias Orias Medina, talked about the need to take care of our natural heritage. Several information stalls provided brochures and information on what the local organizations like Titi Conservation Alliance and ASOPROQUEPOS do and how everyone can be more environmentally conscientious.

Mostly, everybody had a great time and promised to make even bigger and better celebration next year.