Students and teachers visit Fincas Naturales

Group of 24 children and several teachers and parents from the Maria Luisa de Castro School from Boca Vieja came on 10 December 2009 to visit Fincas Naturales, a 30 acre wildlife refugee which forms part of the Si Como No Resort and Spa, a member and one of the founding fathers of the Titi Conservation Alliance.

Kids spent several delightful hours exploring this small but spectacular jungle full of surprises: from the mariposarium, where huge morph butterflies land on one’s head, to 6 feet long crocodiles basking in the sun. Young explorers had many questions for the knowledgeable and patient guides: how the butterflies see, how long they spend in the larval stage, which crocodile is female and which is male. One parent commented that they learned more in several hours of hands-on learning than from days in the classroom.

The visit was organized by Isaías Orias Medina, Titi Conservation Association’s environmental educator, as part of the organization’s hands-on environmental education program. We are very grateful to the Si Como No Resort and Spa for their kind welcome and the assistance of their wonderful guides, and to the  Iguana Tours for providing transport for this activity.


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