Workshop on mangroves for the Iguana Tours team

It was my kind of ‘day in the office’ – Juan Pablo Aguero, our forestry engineer, offered a workshop on mangroves ecosystem to the group of 10 guides and staff members of Iguana Tours. Interesting material that Juan Pablo prepared was accompanied by lively discussion and banter while comparing different mangrove leaves, branches, flowers and fruits that were brought for that purpose. The goal of the workshop was to learn to identify various species of mangroves, but also to talk about the extremely important role mangroves play in the life of our coastal area: as breeding ground for many fishes and amphibians, as filter for the soil brought to the sea by rivers, as buffer against hurricanes, as habitat for many species of animals, and, of course, as one of many natural treasures that attract tourists to our area.

This exercise was just one of many examples of wonderful cooperation Titi Conservation Alliance has with the Iguana Tours. I am sure the next year will bring many more opportunities for mutually beneficial activities.


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