One of the last activities in this school year’s environmental education program was part of the ongoing campaign of the Titi Conservation Alliance to sensitize students, and through them their parents, to the need to think about solid waste as something that has important impact on our lives and a problem that we can do something about. On Tuesday, 15 December, our Environmental Educator Isaias Orias Medina gathered a group of students (and few curious parents) from the Escuela Paquita in Paquita, to show them one of many ways to reuse what would normally end up as waste: milk and juice tetra-brick containers. Isaias taught all of us how to turn these ordinary objects into nice and useful coin purses.

We had guests during this activity: two young film makers, Peter Jordan and Charlene Music, who are working on the documentary for the Center for Responsible Travel about the impacts of coastal resort tourism on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.  Kids enjoyed both the attention of the camera crew and their new purses.

During the school break we will work hard on preparing new materials and presentations for the next school year.  If you have ideas and topics you would like to share with us, please contact us at or We would love to hear from you.


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