More bridges and other recommendations

Electrocution is one of most common causes of death of mono titis in the Manuel Antonio area.

This serious problem was the reason the Titi Conservation Alliance was trying for quite some time to organize a meeting with ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), to discuss the way to cooperate in the protection of mono titis, as well as in the implementation of our projects, especially the reforestation of the biological corridor. Finally, on 17 December, the meeting was held in the ICE meeting room in Quepos, in the presence of 16 ICE experts from all over the country, three representatives from the Kids Saving the Rainforests and other interested parties.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the report by José Andrés León from the Universidad Técnica Nacional, on the location of bridges for the wildlife, one of the most popular ways to protect mono titis and other animals from electrocution. Unfortunately, Andres could not present his report himself, so our forestry engineer Juan Pablo Aguero informed the audience of the Report’s conclusions and recommendations. The full text can be read here: Conclusiones y recomendaciones.

Titi Conservation Alliance and Kids Saving the Rainforest introduced the organizations and ongoing projects to the audience, expressing hope that this meeting would result in a positive improvement in the safety of mono titis in our region.

ICE’s Jaime Bolanos and Gilbert Porras explained the equipment that is needed in order to insulate electrical wires and instruments and make them safe for the wildlife. They also expressed great interest in working with local environmental organization in establishing a system to prevent animals’ injuries to the extent possible. They asked for the support of the organizations in conducting a country-wide study on the mitigation of animal injuries by the electrical equipment. They also requested support in promoting the use of underground electrical cables where it is viable.

The meeting ended with the agreement to meet again at the beginning of January in order to establish more concrete plan of action. The next meeting should involve the representatives from the Municipality, MINAE, ICT and other relevant bodies. Titi Conservation Alliance will organize the meeting.


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