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The price of progress

February 26, 2010

The government of Costa Rica is expected to complete before the end of the year the famous 222 km long ‘costanera’  – a highway that will connect Nicaragua and Panama and save many hours of travel to drivers trying to reach the south of the country. It is fast, smooth – and deadly. The Titi Conservation Alliance team was coming back from Hacienda Baru  and ASANA and on the way back saw a sad scene: a dead tolomuco (Eira barbara).

Just a few minutes later, we encountered a lovely colorful iguana, trying to cross the road. The driver coming from the opposite direction ignored our frantic signaling to slow down and barreled down the road, barely missing iguana, which scampered into the bush to live another day.

This is, unfortunately, just the beginning. Wild animals, one of the reason so many tourists are visiting Costa Rica, will be the first to pay for progress. There is so much that can be done: road signs, fences, underground passages (some already exist), but more than anything education and more respect for those that share our world with us.