LightHawk in Manuel Antonio

There is nothing the staff of the Titi Conservation Alliance would not do in order to fulfill their duties, including flying in a small, very small plane.  In order to evaluate the success and find gaps in the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor, we have requested help from the LightHawk, an international volunteer environmental aviation organization which flies thousands of missions every year all over North and Central America in order to help work of non-governmental and community environmental organizations.

“It was fantastic, there is nothing one cannot see from the air’ said Juan Pablo Aguero, Titi Alliance Forestry Engineer, who flew with the Warren Umana from the Municipality and Cristian Bogantes from MINAET.

LightHawk flies its missions free of charge and is supported solely through contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals.

Juan Pablo took more than 50 photos of the Rio Naranjo watershed, where the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor is located, and will be happy to share them with other environmental organization which need them.

Titi Conservation Alliance is counting on a long-term partnership with the LightHawk and hopes to use their generous services every year in order to monitor the changes in the forest cover of the Rio Naranjo watershed, and in consequences, the rehabilitation of the habitat of endangered titi monkeys.


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